image clipping, image masking, image background isolation, image background removal. Image masking service is one of the most popular graphic designing services. Image masking is basically a part of photo editing that deals with isolating an object from its surroundings while leaving the other objects behind. By using advanced computer software, it is possible to isolate one or more components of an image by ignoring the rest of the surrounding details while keeping the subject in focus. It is a procedure to isolate images or pictures from their

Clipping path service is very important for e-commerce and product photography. The aim of image clipping is to select a portion of an image (either manually or automatically) and ignore the rest of the surrounding area. It is similar to cutting an image out of the background by using a pair of scissors. Sometimes, in order to highlight or emphasize the object or subject in images, it is necessary to depict them separately from their background in an aesthetically acceptable manner.